Suggested Pinball Parts & Repair Sources
by, 05/01/12.

I am often asked where to get pinball, bowler and other arcade game parts, and where to have pinball circuit boards repaired, and where to buy restored pinball games. These are those suggestions. Your mileage may vary, but I have had good experiences with all these people. Note I have no connection to any of these resources (that is, they are not paying me to be on this page!) These are just people that I buy from, and the outcome has been good. If you do buy from the people below, please tell them you got their link from the web site!

If you are in Michigan and are looking for in-home game repair, please see the in-home game repair web page (any era of pinball or arcade games, from Electro-Mechanical to the lastest Solidstate games).

Now if you are selling a game, please contact me,   I am looking for a number of games, and those titles are listed on the main repair page at Thanks!

In-Home Game Repair and Mail-in Circuit Board Repair:
  • Mail-in Circuit Board Repair: Jerry Clause. Jerry can repair all electronic pinball circuit boards from 1977 to present. This includes boards by Bally, Williams, Stern (old and new) and Gottlieb. Jerry does not do "house calls", so you'll need to mail your broken circuit boards to him. Best means of contact is email. I'm not listing his phone number because I'm afraid people will call him asking for self-repair help! (Jerry does this for a living, and we all need to respect that.)

  • In-Home Pinball Service. If you are in Michigan and are looking for in-home game repair, please see this in-home service web page for "house call" game repair. Specialized in any era of pinball or arcade games, from 1950s Electro-Mechanical pinballs, to the lastest Solidstate pinball games.

  • EM Pinball Repairs. On EM (Electro-Mechanical) games including all pinball and coin operated games made before 1977, there are no circuit boards to send out for repair, and the entire game is needed (not just pieces of it) for proper repair. Hence unless fixing the game yourself, in-home service is really the only option. If you live in Michigan, please see this in-home service web page.

Where to get Parts, Schematics, Supplies & Tools:
  • Pinball Rescue. Hard to find playfield plastics and decals for restoring classic EM games from the 1950s and 1960s.

  • Mike Pacak. For schematics on older coin operated games, Mike probably has one of the largest collections of paperwork in the world. He's a good contact for game flyers and schematics, especially for stuff like bowlers, shuffle alleys, gun games, basball games, weird arcade games, pinballs, and even video games. He also buys old game paperwork to complete his library.

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