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What Type of User are you?
How much do you use this site? Has it helped you fix a game, or learn more about a game you own or are buying? If "yes" is the answer to either question, they you've gotten some good value from this web site. This type of information is unique and has value. And we're asking you to put a price on that.

Why Donate?
I guess the big question is, why should you donate to this site? Well it does cost a large amount of time, money, and energy to keep this site updated and running. I've been working on the information shown here since 1998, and at no cost and with no advertising. Unfortunately things have changed, but I don't want to charge for site usage. So that means I need to ask for donations. Hopefully those that find the site useful will donate.

How to Donate?
A donation could be financial or a physical donation (like a part or tool or even a game!) It's up to you of course, what you feel is best for the amount of utility you get out of this web site. If you have something to donate, please contact me. Or not, your choice. Paypal donations are always welcome too, for any amount, to the email (The side effect of doing a paypal donation of say $20 is you'll get access to the PinballNinja dot com repair blog.)

Really Nice User Donations Get Something in Return.
If you use often and find it useful, and can see your way to donate something nice, we can offer these really nice users something in return. It's a reward for going beyond, a reward for being really nice. That would be access to PinballNinja dot com. This blog style site documents over 700 game specific repairs, and is updated several times a week with new repair blog entries. It provides you with access to game specific repairs complete with descriptions and pictures and HD videos. With a nice donation, you will receive a userid and password to gain access to this site. screen shot. table of contents.

Specific Stuff We Need.
I'm always looking for particular games or leads to someone selling them. If you have a game for sale or know someone with a game, please contact me at the email below. A list of games I'm looking for can be found on the games wanted web page.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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