This Old Pinball Repair/Restoration Video
TOP#4 - "Pinball Ain't Deat, It Just Smells Funny"

The third This Old Pinball (TOP) video (aka TOP#4), covers the restoration and repair of 1990s Williams "WPC" pinball machines (but certainly does apply to other 1990s pinball games too). This is somewhat of a continuation of the TOP#3 video. Concentrates on restoring a 1993 Williams Indiana Jones pinball game. This video is hosted by Norm and Shaggy. Two hours long, NTSC video format, DVD media. The following is a list of the DVD chapter titles. This does not encompass all the information in the video, just where the chapters are marked.

TOP#4 DVD Chapters:

  • "Norm" and "Shaggy" import another container of games
  • Intial game evaluation
  • Gravity-fed ball trough problems (mass multiball)
  • General Illumination preventative maintainence
  • Repair under the playfield lamps
  • Fixing playfield insert wear
  • Ball mark repairs
  • Graining stainless steel ramps
  • Buffing the playfield 1
  • Cleaning gold habitrails
  • Sapphire
  • Buffing the playfield 2
  • Repairing worn playfield downholes part1 (Monster Bash)
  • STNG's Breakout mode
  • Playfield touchup
  • Spot Clearcoating
  • Repairing worn playfield downholes part2 (AFM, Creature)
  • Flaming clear plastic ramps to improve clarity
  • Superglue and sealing playfield scratches/touchup
  • Making playfield plastics easily
  • Flipper opto problems
  • Lamp matrix problems
  • Locked on solenoid problems
  • More playfield insert wear repairs
  • Playfield insert decals - repair worn/missing insert text
  • Clearcoating a playfield with Automotive clear urethane
  • Switch matrix problems

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