1977 Gottlieb Centigrade 37 Pinball (1 player)

Description: Gottlieb Centigrade 37 pinball. Has backbox animation, which is unusual for a 1970s Gottlieb pinball. The backbox animation is basically a bonus unit, and as the bonus is built up, the backbox thermometer advances. At end of the game the bonus is counted down as the thermometer rolls back down. Single player wedgehead cabinet design. Three pop bumpers at the top of the playfield, two slingshots, two 3" flippers, a bank of 4 drop targets, one kickout hole. Lots of rollover switches, with two vertical banks down the right side of the playfield. (This concept of vertical rollovers was used in other games like Gottlieb Sheriff pinball.) Very busy artwork with lots of blonds. Interestingly Gottlieb did not make an add-a-ball version of Centigrade 37 (which is strange). They made 1600 Gottlieb Centigrade 37 pinballs.

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