1993 Midway Hot Shot Basketball

Description: Hot Shot, Midway, 1993, a basketball game that is much like the "pop-a-shot" games in the bars. It uses Williams WPC pinball circuit board set and a dot matrix display. There are five different games which are timed at about 45 seconds. You can get other overtimes to extend the game depending on score. This is the only way to get on one of five high score tables for each game. You can enter your initials for a high score which will keep the rest of the family trying to beat it. The game remembers the last four games and compairs stats for each of the five games played.

The basket moves back and forth during the game, and changes position depending on the game choosen. The display has animations and tells you what is going on during the game. Game has an optional card dispensor that can dispense baseball sized sport cards.

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